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This is the road trip as art.
Unique and breathtaking, Wide Open Ride brings to life highways, scenic byways and country roads with incredible skies, magnificent natural attractions and human innovations like bridges, skyscrapers and the colorful shops on Main Street.  
But there's more to this video series than just pavement and stunning views. Picture-taking stops, short hikes and dirt roads worth exploring are profiled along the way.

Whether looking for travel inspiration or simply a dreary weekday morning diversion, Wide Open Ride gives a one-of-a-kind perspective on the world's most beautiful drives.

So join the road trip as art. It's going to be an amazing ride!ourney!



The faint of heart and fearer of heights agree: the steep drive to the edge of this natural marvel is worth the scare!

Glacier Highway


One of the world’s most isolated roads, this route leads to glaciers, mountains, rainforests and bald eagles.

Trail of the Mountain Spirits

New Mexico

Walk through 700-year-old cliff dwellings in the mystical landscape of the world’s first designated wilderness.



International influences, a gorgeous harbor and historic tram system infuse this impressive city with charisma.

Lake Powell to Horseshoe Bend


Made by man and Mother Earth, a dam, a lake and an escarpment are sure to astound.



Stunning street art, cutting-edge transportation and the perfect climate define this city on the rise.

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