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Scenic Byway Content creation

Road trips are as American as baseball, blue jeans and rock-n-roll, and they are more popular than ever. Travelers the world over dream about driving the open road while getting to know the real America.


Scenic Byways are ready-made for road trips. Curated by locals and officially vetted and designated by state and national authorities, Scenic Byways are the Main Streets of USA road trips. They showcase the best America offers: from incredible scenery and history to attractions, outdoor activities and small businesses such as restaurants, outfitters, lodging and unique gift shops.


And yet, most of America’s 1300+ Scenic Byways are undiscovered. There’s poor state-to-state mapping and cross promotion, even though travelers don’t care about boundaries. I believe Scenic Byways are crucial to the continued success of the U.S. tourism industry. It’s time to give these roads the promotion they deserve.


I've put countless hours and thousands of my own dollars into gathering, writing and editing stories about scenic highways because I believe so strongly in their importance and potential. I'm an ally whose mission is to help Scenic Byway leaders create economical, evergreen content to effectively market their byways.


On location: I come to you and we collect elements: point-of-view driving, scenic shots, activities, local businesses and interviews.


Long distance: I give directions from afar, and you either shoot the elements yourself or hire a videographer. Then, you send everything to me and I write and edit the video.


Either way, we’ll create at least two versions:

  • One video for your byway and DMO use.

  • A second video that will live on national organization websites and play on YouTube channels, social media and e-blasts. The story may also be used by other travel-related companies and media publishers, but only to promote your byway and with permission. For continuity, these videos will need the same look and tone so the growing portfolio feels like a series.


Your byway will gain exposure to potential visitors from the United States and around the world, as well as tour operators, journalists and social media influencers.

Let’s build a community while using video to increase national and international awareness!



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