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I’ve produced stories from all the continents, visited 62 countries and every U.S. and Australian state. And so, I have a broad portfolio in content creation: from agriculture, business and environment to health and technology.


I particularly enjoy travel, adventure, history and food. I started my career globetrotting for CNN’s Travel News Unit. Today, I’m creating The Road Ahead road trip series for RVshare. Over the past few years, I’ve driven nearly 100,000 miles on four continents, using a diverse set of cameras to record the world's most beautiful routes and the attractions that lie along them.


I’m comfortable directing crews of all sizes but these days, I prefer shooting, writing and editing my own pieces.

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I’m developing a travel series for RVshare, the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace. The videos will play on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.



RVshare wants to introduce travelers to lesser-known roads that go beyond a drive through a national or state park. So this story includes nature preserves, vultures, a boat ride and key lime pie.

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Road to Moab, Utah


Moab is much-loved for its proximity to frequently overcrowded national parks. RVshare asked for an essay on the most scenic drive to town with backup attractions when parks are full to capacity.



With nearly 1,000 miles of paved and dirt roads, this video was commissioned to plan the ideal road trip through the driest, lowest, hottest and largest national park in the continental U.S.

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Grand Canyon 2


90% of the Grand Canyon's visitors go to the South Rim. RVshare wanted a story highlighting the more peaceful North Rim, showing how the North's views rival the South’s.



Casted, produced and directed for Pilot Pen, this commercial illustrates how the right pen is a critical tool for a leading designer. This branded spot aired on HGTV.

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Project Wingman


Project Wingman is a successful support program designed specifically for pilots. This story features three aviators in crisis who got help, discussing their very personal experiences.



I pitched the winning bid for five James Beard Foundation videos focusing on reducing food waste through the different stages of cooking, from meal prep to composting.

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James Beard
Thoughtful Approach


This feature profiles several small businesses in a quintessential American town. In 1898, Mutual of Enumclaw was founded by a “group of local farmers who wanted to look after each other."



I’ve created a lot of content about soybeans. The farmer profiles are my favorites because I’m surrounded by gorgeous green fields while interviewing these passionate stewards of the land.

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Meet Farmer


During the pandemic, I produced and edited this recipe video from afar. My client used two iPhones to record takes and footage on location while I directed via Zoom.

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A buddy and I were commissioned to create a one-hour special on pie shops. My personal favorite bakery was this gem in an eclectic Chicago neighborhood.

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